It is mandatory for all workers in Ontario, who work at heights, to have successfully completed a Chief Prevention Officer approved course like the one we offer.

Working at Heights:
The Principles of Fall Protection for the Construction Industry

Falls kill! They are the number one cause of fatalities (20 per year) and the third leading cause of Lost Time Injuries (about 17,000 yearly) in Ontario.

Protect your employees and your company with our Chief Prevention Officer approved course on Working at Heights: the Principles of Fall Protection for the Construction Industry.

This course is designed to provide ample knowledge about fall hazards and safe work practices when working at heights. Participants will receive instruction on potential fall hazards and what controls can be used to eliminate or reduce the risks and the duties and responsibilities associated with working at heights. They will also receive hands on training in the use of numerous types of fall protection equipment as well as how to properly select, inspect and adjust their equipment.

Course Content

Part 1: Basic Theory

  • 4 hours long
  • this module is important to understand the fundamentals prior  to actually using fall protection equipment.


  • rights and responsibilities
  • identification of the hazards
  • eliminating the hazards
  • ladders and similar equipment
  • warning methods and physical barriers
  • personal fall protection equipment

Part 2: Practical Equipment

  • 4.5 hours long
  • provides a practical demonstration of device setup, lanyard and harness inspection and how to properly inspect, don and adjust your harness.


  • barriers and other fixed equipment
  • personal fall protection equipment
  • anchor points
  • work access equipment and platforms
  • rescue planning

Upon the successful completion of a written exam participants  will receive a temporary wallet card as proof of training until  the Ministry of Labour issues their permanent card. 

Maximum course size is 12 participants.

If you have only 1 or 2 people who need training fill out our Open Session form at the top of the page.  

If you need training for a larger group we can arrange a date specifically for your company.  Find out more by contacting us today.

If you have already completed the full Working at Heights course,
please click here to learn more about the Refresher Course.

Course Feedback:  
Our course has a 97% approval rating from participants.

"it was very educational. I have done this in the past and I never learned about everything I learned in this course"    Kyle McNeill January, 2016

"Good Instructor!!! Well said and well understood.  No Dull or boring moment. Great job Charles!!!"   Roberto Villones  January, 2016

"Did a great job conveying the safety and made it interesting."  Kyle Grootjans January, 2016

"Very thorough and easily conveyed."  Danny DiMercurio  December, 2015

"Great course, easy to spend the whole day learning."  Will Johnson December, 2015  

"Charles was very personable and intelligent. Time passed quickly..I learned more than I thought I would have and I actually enjoyed it."   Aaron Hill November, 2015