Ministry Targeting Young Workers

  • Posted on: 19 August 2014
  • By: Charles Redhead

The Ministry of Labour is currently doing a blitz focusing on the training of new and young workers.  The goal is to prevent injuries and deaths.  Young and new workers are four times more likely to be injured in their first month of work than any other time and twice as likely in the first year.  The blitz is focusing on workers aged 14-24.

Employers' responsibilities include:

  • taking every reasonable precaution to young and new workers
  • providing information, instruction and supervision to a worker
  • maintaining equipment and devices in good working order
  • preparing a written Health & Safety Policy
  • complying with OHSA requirements for a JHSC or a worker Health & Safety Representative
  • providing mandatory Worker Awareness and Supervisor Awareness training

New workers include:

  • new hires, either permanent or temporary
  • current workers who are assigned to new jobs
  • students, co-op placements or apprentices  
  • seasonal workers

We can help your company with all of these issues and the required training.