Ontario Court Cases

  • Posted on: 13 November 2014
  • By: Charles Redhead

A construction company has been fined after a worker fell through a skylight resulting in his death.  The worker was installing solar panels on the roof at the time of the accident.   The MOL investigation revealed there were no guardrails or coverings on the skylights.  The company pleaded guilty to failing to install protective coverings and was fined $90,000.

A company has been fined and a supervisor may face charges after a worker lost most of his finger in a brake press.   The MOL found the brake press wasn't properly maintained, the pinch point wasn't guarded and the company did not have a JHSC despite having 22 employees.  The OHSA requires a JHSC once a company has 20 employees.  The company was fined $73,000.

An apprentice at an HVAC compnay died after falling nine metres.   The MOL investigation found the apprentice was not wearing any fall arrest equipment at the time of his death.  The HVAC company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure a worker was protected by a fall arrest system as required by The Act and was fined $70,000.

A small family farm has been fined $18,000 after a worker was injured by an auger.   The worker was in a bin with the auger when his clothes caught in the machine causing lacerations and soft tissue damage.  The Auger's operational manual says no one should be in the bin with the auger unless it is disconnected and locked out.  The farm pleaded guilty to failing to comply.

These are just some of the many instances in which company's have been fined for not protecting their employees as required by the OHSA.  For more information on how to protect your employees contact us.

source....OHS Insider October 2014