Safety Culture

  • Posted on: 24 February 2015
  • By: Charles Redhead

Does your business have a positive or negative safety culture?   Every business has a safety culture whether you recognize it or not.  Is the safety culture in your business the one you want?   If not how do you change it?

Positive Safety Culture:

Communication is open at all levels of the organization and feedback is seen as a vital way to improve safety.

Employees at all levels are focused on what can be done to prevent injuries and illness.

The commitment to safety is the priority over all other business concerns.

The focus is on protecting people, not the bottom line.  People and their well being are valued.

All personnel, especially senior management, demonstrate their commitment to safety by following all safety procedures and processes, just as they instruct their employees to do.

Negative Safety Culture:

Communication is closed, employees do not communicate with upper management.

Safety rules are used to discipline employees.

Management does not follow safety rules like using PPE.

Production demands are high safety procedures are set aside.

Management's concern is not for the well being of employees, but for a good safety record.

Which safety culture do you have?   If you could change one thing about your safety culture what would it be?

At Redhead Health and Safety our certified occupational health and safety consultants can help you build a positive safety culture. Safe employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees.