Online Workplace Safety Training 

Online training is a fast and cost effective way to get your employees the training they need.   All of our courses follow Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act rules and regulations or best practices guidelines. This ensures you get the best possible training for your staff.  

We offer two types of on-line training: Pay as You Learn and Safety Memberships.   Pay as you Learn is perfect if you only need one or two safety courses to meet your training needs.   If you have a lot of employees and/or need more training courses for each staff member, our memberships allow you to take as many courses as you want over a 12 month period, while paying a low price per employee. 

Pay As You Learn Safety Training CoursesPay As You Learn Training Courses

Our Pay as You Learn program is perfect for companies with few employees that need to complete a few training courses to be compliant with government regulations.  It’s an affordable way for businesses to remain compliant.  We offer a large variety of training courses. 


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Online Safety Training MembershipOnline Safety Training Membership

If your company requires multiple training courses for each employee, our Safety Membership program is for you.  A membership covers anywhere from 3 employees and up. 

You pay one low price per year per employee and have access to 70 plus courses.   The memberships last for 12 months and during that time your employees can take an unlimited number of courses.   Memberships are transferrable, which gives you the opportunity to swap out a new employee for one which has moved on, saving you time and money.   


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