Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety Training

Redhead Health and Safety is pleased to announce our new online safety course for motorcycle riders called ‘‘Motorcycle Safety Online – what you should know before you ride’. We worked with the Canada Safety Council (CSC) and Canada’s premier provider of safety programs, Online Learning Enterprises, to bring this exciting new program to you. 

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone thinking about getting a motorcycle license for the first time
  • Experienced car drivers contemplating getting a motorcycle.
  • Riders who obtained their M-class license some years ago but in need of a refresher.
  • Anybody who had a motorcycle in the past but have not ridden for some time.
  • Riders who have ridden solo but now want to travel in a group or with a pillion passenger.

What is it designed to achieve?

This course has been built from the ground up with one objective, to help keep you out of harms way on the road, on your motorbike. Riding a motorcycle is easy; riding safely requires constant attention to safe riding techniques and practices. This course trains you on those techniques and practices using easy and interactive methods. For any training program to be effective, it must be delivered in a fun and engaging way. That’s why we created our Motorcycle Safety Online program using the best multimedia training materials, custom graphics and real-world video examples. Each section has a short quiz to ensure complete understanding and you can take any section or quiz as many times as you like. This helps encourage student interaction, engagement and solid knowledge retention.  No matter how long you have ridden, or how few accidents you have had, we believe you will be a better, safer rider after taking this course!  What does it contain? Introduction to motorcycling Taking a motorcycle safety course Motorcycle controls, features & accessories Riding gear – it’s between you and the road Getting ready for the ride Situational riding skills Safe riding techniques Lane positioning Decision-making and situational awareness  Each module thoroughly covers multiple related subtopics, providing one of the most detailed motorcycle training courses available, both online and off. There’s a lot more to motorcycle safety than meets the eye, and interactive multimedia training helps participants achieve maximum information retention – much better than a manual or simple video. The videos in the course were all taken on real roads using high-end motorcycles ridden by professional riders in all kinds of weather. Everything looks, and is realistic.  

What do you get at the end?

Participants will earn and can print a graduation certificate upon successful completion of all course modules, quizzes and final exam. A passing grade of 80% is required but if you don’t get it on your first attempt you can repeat any part of the course as many times as you need to fully understand every concept covered in the training. You may take the final exam up to three times although most pass in their first or second attempt. We can’t guarantee this but insurance companies often look favorably on those who can show they take safety seriously by graduating from a safe riding course like this.  

How does it work?

All you need is a PC or a MAC and a good Internet connection. The course takes about 3 hours but can be completed in one or as many sessions as you need. If you suspend a session, or lose power, or just quit for whatever reason, next time you log on you begin at the module or quiz where you left off.   Redhead Health and Safety recognizes and endorses Motorcycle Safety Online as a complete, end-to-end training program for all riders, current and prospective. We actively encourage anyone interested in riding a motorcycle for sport or transportation to enroll in this training to obtain essential safety knowledge and best practices. 

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