Workplace Violence Policy

Why it is important to have a workplace violence policy and program?

The Ontario Government has mandated all workplaces, no matter how large or small, must have a Workplace Violence Policy and a program to implement and maintain it.

17% of all self-reported violent incidents happen in the workplace according to a StatsCan report.  These incidents include sexual assault, robbery and physical assault.  Are you protecting your workers from these types of incidents?   Do your workers feel safe at work?

Unless you have a properly prepared and maintained workplace violence policy, the answer to these questions is no.

Let us help you develop a workplace violence policy and program that addresses the potential threats that exist in your workplace.  Let us help mitigate those threats and keep your employees safe, happy and productive.  

Call us to get information on how one of our professionally certified consultants can develop a workplace violence policy and program to fit your workplace needs.