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Safety Audits

The best way to find out where your company stands on all safety related issues is to do a full and comprehensive safety audit.   

Our professionally certified consultants will come to your workplace and look in all the corners to find out exactly where you are winning and where your company has opportunities to improve

We will check the following areas:

  • Is your organization committed to safety through policies and communication?
  • Are your workers involved in the health and safety of their workplace?
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazard control
  • Ongoing inspections
  • Qualifications, orientation and training
  • Emergency response plans
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Program administration
  • Observations of legislative compliance

Once the audit is complete, we will prepare a written and verbal report for your business.  We will present the report to you and be available to answer any questions you may have. This report will include areas where your company is excelling, areas where there are opportunities for improvement and areas where you are falling short of government standards. 

Call us today to a safety audit. This is the critical first step in formulating an effective Workplace Health and Safety Policy.