Ministry of Labour Blitzing Storage & Material Handling

  • Posted on: 18 September 2014
  • By: Charles Redhead

From now until October 26th the Ministry will be visiting plants, factories and other industrial sector workplaces ensuring employers are taking appropriate actions to assess and address possible hazards.  The focus will be on material handling involving activities related to loading, unloading, storage and movement of goods and supplies in workplaces.

Inspectors are checking workplaces for compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act and it's regulations.  Inspectors will be focusing on if employers have:

  1. well maintained lifting devices, which are properly load rated
  2. provided safe access to work areas
  3. workers perform tasks safely to prevent falls
  4. ensuring materials are stored in a safe manner
  5. have a well functioning Internal Responsibility System in place
  6. ensure workers are properly trained and supervised

Since 2008 the Ministry has conducted over 345,000 workplace visits and issued more than 560,000 orders.

Information and number provided by the Ministry of Labour.