Respirator Safety & Fit Testing

Respiratory safety and fit testing is essential for anyone who performs work which requires them to use a respirator or mask.   

If the correct filters are not in place or the respirator is not fitted properly, your employees are exposed to harmful dusts, mists, fumes, fibres, vapours and gasses which could cause devastating health issues including death.

Topics Covered:

The employer is responsible for preparing and implementing, in consultation with users, a written respiratory protection program including all of the elements listed in Clause 3.3 of the Standard.

  • Hazard identification
  • Forms of hazards
  • Recognition of respiratory hazards
  • Routes of entry
  • Air sampling
  • Exposure limits
  • Respirator selection
  • Fitting your respirator
  • Care and Maintenance

Practical Testing

  • Baseline sensitivity test
  • Fit test to ensure respirator fits correctly and is protecting you

Participant Capacity: 2-10 people 

Course Length: classroom 4 hours (physical test length depends on the number of participants in session)

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Upon satisfactory completion of a written test, employees will be given a physical fit test with the respirators they currently use.  When they pass the fit test, employees will be issued a wallet card indicating they have been successfully fit tested on that particular respirator.

CSA Standard Z94.4-02 sets out roles and responsibilities for individuals in workplaces where respiratory protection must be used.