Personal Hygiene Requirements

  • Posted on: 19 January 2015
  • By: Charles Redhead

Under OHS regulations there are five basic steps a workplace must do in order to meet its requirements for providing personal hygiene.  Workplaces are required to provide proper toilets, sinks and showers depending on what type of work employees are doing.  Here are the five general steps to ensure you are compliant.

1) Provide Appropriate Facilities

Every workplace must provide it own toilets and/or urinals and sinks or provide access to these facilities.   Workplaces are also required to provide access to showers when required.   For example if workers come in contact with hazardous materials like asbestos fibres.

2) Provide Enough Facilities

OHS regulations in many case stipulate how many facilities you need depending on the number of workers.   Check your local regulations for details.

3) Ensure Facilities Comply with Requirements

There are various other regulations which must also be follow.  here are some examples:

-be easily accessible, meet temperature requirements, be properly vented, be adequately lit, designed to keep insects and vermin out.....

4)Ensure Facilities Are Properly Used 

Workplaces must make sure the facilities are only used for what they were designed for.   For example the facility should not also be used for storage.

5)Properly Maintain Facility

Steps must be taken to ensure the facilities are properly cleaned and sanitized and that they are in proper working order.

source...OHS Insider